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The BitLuck Coin Team has completed the transfer of copyrights of films,
dramas, musicals and performances from Advisers ahead of their Asian productions.

The revenue generated through the creation of the contents will be returned
to the participants who participate in the BitLuck Coin.
Furthermore, all creations of BitLuck Coin Team will be shared through the
copyright platform to be developed in the future.
Using the examples created through these beta tests,
creators will be able to be induced to register their copyrights.




In the course of producing contents, we generate revenues through management by uncovering the talents that can potentially become stars. After all revenues generated through this course return to major coins, Bitluck coins are incinerated as in the case of contents business.



Developers of Bitluck started to develop platforms based on block chain technology.
Beyond the traditional one-way sales system, both the producer (star / producer) and the user will create, inform, meet, interact with each other like a communicative platform.

Bitluck's platform will be equipped with real time streaming, communication, and billings so on. It will be a platform to stimulate the production, consumption and sharing of entertainment contents.
All usage information is interoperable.
It is a platform to store the interaction between the star and the user.
Nevertheless, it is a free platform. By producing contents, anyone who wants to be a star and even a star himself or herself will be able to meet global users of the Bitluck platform.
And all exchanged information will be stored in the electronic wallet of both the producer and the user. By producing contents, anyone who wants to be a star and even a star himself or herself will be able to meet global users of the Bitluck platform.
And all exchanged information will be stored in the electronic wallet of both the producer and the user.

Through these systems, you will be able to maintain a lasting relationship, which completes a platform to share a solid bond.
Users from all over the world who have Bitluck entertainment electronic wallet share information about the producer.
Stars and producers can collect databases about users This process goes beyond the borders and can facilitate communication and interaction between all producers and users, which means that it is a global platform.
Furthermore, any third party can develop numerous applications and services by using the interface and data I / O provided by the Bitluck platform (accessible to the data store) By using Bitluck platform and an entertainment database, there are many perks to be implemented.



Bitluck does not have a separate mining system Only users with Bitluck can participate in mining The method is as simple as follows.
First, you should buy Bitluck on the exchange.
When you move your purchased Bitlucks to your Bitluck electronic wallet, the mining will begin. In proportion to the number of Bitluck and the flow of time, mining is in progress, which is important to create a steady increase in the value of Bitluck assets.

※ Only for the coins purchased through the exchange, mining will occur.




We have been involved in IT related business since 1994, based on Seychelles. In order to keep
pace with the 4th industrial age, we developed BitLuck Coin based on the block chain technology
in 2016 and listed it on C-Cex international exchange. And in 2018, we started to work on
creating a copyright platform based on block chain. As part of that effort, we have formed the
BitLuck Coin Team with our Asian advisors and development teams. We will create a variety of
creations starting from the Pitching Event and make a copyright platform. Thank you for your
interest and support.
Yours sincerely.

Robert Cassidy - President of Radkap, Inc
- CEO & Director
James M. McKenzie - Master of Business Administration, University of Chicago
- CFO & Director
Prasanna Chitturi - Texas Tech University : master of Science(MS), Chemical Engineering
- Director of Engineering



Yoon-Keun Oh (Representative for Content Creation)
- Representative of LAGO R&D
Min Koo (Director of technical development research center)
- A doctorate from Université
Joseph Fourier
- A professor at KAIST
Yu-Jun Lee (Director of Planning and Coordination)
- Representative of Midlab Inc
Rei Jun (Global marketer)
- Chairman of Tangjeong-Wei Group






First wave of contents to be produced in 2018 includes two movies, musicals, and drama. The contents are contracted to transfer stakes to Bitluck. All revenue generated after the production has been completed will be transferred to Bitluck according to the equity contract (40-50%). All users with Bitluck are shareholders.
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